Mini traffic light notifies the status of barrier gate by two difference indicators,
Red or Green. Green light informs user to proceed and Red light notifies user to stop.
This greatly reduces the case of vehicle accidentally crashing the barrier arm.
MAG mini traffic light is weather proof based, which specially designed for outdoor usage.
Traffic light is compatible with most of the barrier gate in market.
  ราคา 4,500.-
Description Parameter
Size (not included bracket) 175mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 300mm (H)
Size of display ? 100mm
Color Red and Green
Number of LED 37 red and 37 green
Indicator shape Round
Operating temperature -20?C to +65?C
Insulation resistance >2M
Power supply input 220V ? 10% AC, 50/60Hz
Harmonic distortion <20%
Operating temperature -30?C to +60?C
IP rating IP 65
จำหน่าย ติดตั้ง แก้ไขและบริการ ออกแบบระบบ แขนกั้นรถยนต์อัตโนมัติ
แขนกั้นทางรถยนต์ ไม้กั้นทางรถยนต์ Barrier Gate Automatic System
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